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MOHA Benefactors Circle

MOHA recognizes the many friends who make annual gifts of $1,250 or more to support the Museum and its programs. These special gifts of patrons in our Benefactors Circle directly support the Museum of History’s abilities to plan, build, and sustain a place in North Carolina’s cultural landscape. Benefactors Circle members are deeply committed to the  history of their state, and their contributions enable MOHA to develop new intiatives and outreach efforts that raise awareness for the North Carolina Museum of History.

To learn the benefits of becoming a member and being a part of our Benefactors Circle, visit the Membership page!

Executive Gallery Members
Dena and Charlie Silver, Raleigh
Ann and Ham Sloan, Morehead City
Mary Brent and Bob Wright, Raleigh

Historian Members
Zack Bacon, Raleigh
Courtney and Charles Bell, Raleigh
Julia and Frank Daniels, Raleigh
Lynn and Franklin Freeman, Raleigh
Lyn Maness, Raleigh
Rose and Ralph Ronalter, Pinehurst 
Cece and Peter Scott, Raleigh

Sterling Benefactor Members

Joan and Ran Johnston, Raleigh
Laura and Gary Pendleton, Raleigh

Benefactor Members
Susan and John Alexander, Raleigh
Anne and David Allen, Raleigh
Judy and Chip Anderson, Raleigh
Tricia and Barry Arnett, Raleigh
Kyle and John Arrowood, New Bern
Anne Faircloth and Fred Beaujeu-Dufour, Clinton
Mary Grady & Vic Bell, Raleigh
Dorothea and Geff Bitler, Raleigh
Audrey and Jimmy Black, Raleigh
Maryllen and Ron Blum, Raleigh
Mary Charles and Robert Boyette, Raleigh
Mary Jane and Doug Bryant, Raleigh
Betsy and Geo. Watts Carr, Greensboro
Lorinda and Edward Charles, High Point 
Janet and Wes Chesson, Raleigh
Gillie and Tom Church, Henderson
Marion Church, Raleigh
Elizabeth and John Converse, Raleigh
Amy and Buck Copeland, Raleigh

Sally and Charles Corpening, Winston-Salem
Susan and Charlie Creighton, Edenton 
Anne and T. G. Daniel, Greensboro
Julie Daniels and Tom West, Ketchum, Idaho
Helen and Charles DuBose, Clinton
Martha and Clay Dunnagan, Southern Pines
George Edwards, Raleigh
Mary-Owens Fitzgerald, Raleigh
Jane and Tommy Franklin, Goldsboro
Lila Friday, Raleigh
Anne and Pat Gavaghan, Raleigh
Barbara and Jim Goodmon, Raleigh
Sallie and Gordon Grubb, Raleigh
Bill Hamlin, Raleigh
Tish and Joe Pat Hatem, Southport
Emmett and Hubert Haywood, Raleigh 
Cindy and Keith Hobbs, Raleigh
Fran and Paul Hoch, Raleigh
Ruth E. and Frank Holding, Raleigh
Jane and Paul Whit Howard, Raleigh

Benefactor Members (contd.)
Martha and Ken Howard, Raleigh
Pam and George Howard, Raleigh
Judy and Mike Hoyt, Raleigh
Stephani and Scott Humrickhouse, Raleigh
Becky Johnson, Winston-Salem
Earl Johnson, Raleigh
Anna and Steven Jones, Durham
Mary June and Henry Jones, Raleigh
Chancy and Keith Kapp, Raleigh
Tom Kenan, Chapel Hill
Meredith and Gilliam Kittrell, Raleigh
Frances and Ted Kunstling, Raleigh
Stephen Later, Southern Pines 
Betty Anne and George Lennon, Raleigh
Martha Marshall, Raleigh
Konni and Brian McMurray, Southern Pines
Rai Anne and Charles Miller, Raleigh
Sharon Moe, Raleigh
Carol and Robbo Newcomb, Raleigh  
Ihrie O’Bryant, Raleigh
Mabel and John Pace, Raleigh
Mary and Mike Patterson, Raleigh
Kay and Dave Phillips, High Point 
Tricia and Stuart Phoenix, Raleigh
Mary C. and Charles Pierce, Ahoskie 
Sydnor and Lacy Presnell, Raleigh
Mariana and Nido Qubein, High Point 
Wes and Trent Ragland, Raleigh
Mary and Bill Riddick, Raleigh
Francine and Ralph Roberson, Raleigh
Tapp and Charles Robinson, Elizabeth City
Frances Rollins, Durham
Kay Schoellhorn, Raleigh
Edwina Shaw, Raleigh
Carolyn and Temple Sloan, Raleigh
Joy and Temple Sloan, Raleigh
Sarah and Lewis Sloan, Washington
Blair and Stephen Smallman, Knightdale
Tracey and Henry Smith, Farmville
Kay and Jim Snow, High Point 
Louise and Cullen Stafford, Raleigh
Kay Stern, Greensboro 
Jean Olive and Allston Stubbs, Winston-Salem
Barbara and Gray Styers, Raleigh
Caroline Taylor, Raleigh
Mary Ann and Bob Thomas, Raleigh
Karen and Charlie Vaughan, Littleton
Josie Walker, Raleigh
Kathy and Bill White, Roanoke Rapids 
Mary Powell and Dunlop White, Winston-Salem
Nancy and Monty White, Raleigh
Mary Clark and Erwin Williams, Raleigh
Walker and Chris Wilson, Raleigh
Marion Winston, Raleigh 
Kakie and George Yelverton, Raleigh