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We always have something planned to celebrate our state’s dynamic culture, its communities from the mountains to the ocean, and the connections we all share! 

Community Class Series: Henry Berry Lowrie, Lumbee Legend
Nancy Strickland Fields, Museum of the Southeast American Indian; Dr. Lawrence T. Locklear, University of North Carolina at Pembroke; and Dr. Malinda Maynor Lowery, Emory University

 Wednesday, September 22
7:00 pm

Viewed by some as a hero and by others as a criminal, Henry Berry Lowrie was a legend even before he disappeared in the swamps of Robeson County in 1872. A member of the Lumbee Tribe, Lowrie led a resistance against the Confederacy during the American Civil War and later opposed the postwar Democratic power structure. The attempts to capture Lowrie and his multiracial gang became known as the Lowrie War. Many North Carolinians consider Lowrie a pioneer in the fight for civil rights. In this session of Community Class, a series for educators, students, and community members at large, a panel of scholars will provide insight into a world in which Lowrie and his gang emerged, as well as examine their legacy in terms of the ongoing fight for social and political justice.

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History + Highballs: Roper House
Grant S. Quertermous, Curator and Director of Collections, Classical American Homes Preservation Trust

Thursday, September 23
7:00 pm

In his fourth lecture for History and Highballs, Grant Quertermous, curator and director of collections for Classical American Homes Preservation Trust (CAHPT), will focus on the 1838 Roper House, located on the High Battery in Charleston, South Carolina. Roper House was the first historic home that North Carolina native and CAHPT founder Richard Hampton Jenrette acquired and restored in 1968, making it his residence for the next 50 years.

Quertermous will share the many layers of history of this fascinating Charleston house, reflecting on the people who lived and labored there, its connection to a world-famous modern art collector, and the many well-known individuals who visited or stayed at Roper House during Jenrette’s ownership, including members of the British royal family.

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Coffee with a Curator: Pirates of the Carolinas
Charlie Knight, Curator of Military History

Tuesday, September 28
10:00 am

Mention the word “pirate” today and the name “Blackbeard” almost immediately comes to mind. Although Blackbeard is perhaps the best known, he was far from the only pirate to operate in North Carolina’s waters during the “Golden Age of Piracy.” Learn more about Blackbeard and his contemporaries and the mystique that surrounds them today.

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History + Highballs: Haunted Mordecai with The Ghost Guild
Nelson Nauss, Executive Director and Cofounder, The Ghost Guild Inc.; Kelly McConkey, Investigator and Cofounder, The Ghost Guild Inc.; Nicholas Wendling, Investigator, The Ghost Guild Inc.; Tracy Bailey, Historical Research Manager, The Ghost Guild Inc.; and Jon Michael, Investigator, The Ghost Guild Inc.

Thursday, October 28
7:00 pm

In this virtual program, The Ghost Guild takes us to the oldest home in Raleigh still on its original foundation, the Mordecai House. We’ll hear stories about the house, and the speakers will share their personal experiences with some unexplained events and part of the data they have collected in investigations as Mordecai’s exclusive paranormal research team since 2017.

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