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MOHA Membership Tours

MOHA members have the opportunity to explore history, both domestically and internationally, as a perk of membership! Past trips have included the Hudson River Valley in New York, Charleston, South Carolina, and Washington, D.C. As we plan new adventures, we will update this page so stay tuned for details on upcoming plans.


As a perk of Benefactor level membership, Benefactors enjoy specially curated tours every year. We rotate domestic and international travel annually. Last year we took the trip of a lifetime exploring WWI France beginning with our sister city of Compiègne and onto Paris and the beaches of Normandy. This year’s domestic trip is scheduled for Philadelphia, Sept. 19–22, 2019. We will have details in full on this page as soon as they are made available! Also, look forward to our next international trip to Spain and Portugal coming in 2020!